Do you still need a website in 2021?

This question usually arises for small businesses. As important we consider
social media for your business but a website gives transition to your business
in a way that any social media platform cannot provide.

Because in the transition of being a profitable and big company you need to
create social credibility. There are a lot more reasons involved like attracting
more traffic, product sales or sales in general, connecting with the target

Now, let’s dig deeper into ‘How websites and businesses are related?’ Or
maybe a counter factor stating – ‘Why do you need to build a website when
you have more audience on other platforms?’ Or ‘What is the purpose of a

Let’s begin with the 5 purposes of a website that makes it

1. Gives credibility and social proof.
2. Improves your reach and your visibility on Google search results.
3. Showcase your work, products, and services.
4. Displaying testimonials and reviews increases the trust factor and
encourages more customers towards your business.
5. A website helps you improve your ROI.

Why Do You Need A Website?

To simply put up a website helps you generate
leads, gain credibility and increase your website’s value.

1. Gives credibility and social proof:

Nearly 90% of customers get attracted to your business through your
website. It also creates a sense of confidence towards your brands,
customers also get to know about you and your business better hence
improving your credibility.

2. Improves your reach:

More than 96% of people tend to search through google before moving
ahead. This implies a majorly on your demographics i.e. to make your
business stand out and gain more exposure. A website improves your
scope of exposure and also improves sales.

3. Showcase your work, products, and services:

Any potential customer requires to see your previous work or get an
insight into your services and the experience they will get if they work
with you. Highlighting work images, testimonials, and service insights
help the visitor become well-versed with your work.

4. Displaying testimonials and reviews increases the trust factor and encourages more customers towards your business:

Customer reviews in any form from testimonials to ratings help get
your business more established. You are not alone in the business and
you should highlight every given factor from personal client
recommendation to product reviews to gain the trust of the potential

5. A website helps you improve your ROI:

So when we say ROI a website is a power-packed source because in
today’s digital world with several free sources website development
requires very little investment and the outcome it derives for you is
way more prosperous. The very low cost of creating a website will help
you land on many more business exchange opportunities, and help
you target your niche market and gain brand value. Overall a boost to
your business.

Finally, all of these factors create a blend of all the major reasons why your
business needs a website in 2021. Growing digitization is one of the
compelling reasons to have one and all your potential customers do already,
the only reason to make your business even more successful.
So if you think you need any help from us, reach out to us.
To kick start your idea into a productive business and to get your business
boosted and more successful we are here to help you design amazing

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