Best restaurant websites

What is the purpose of a restaurant website?

A well-designed restaurant website gives you the chance to show future customers what you’re all about and who you are before they ever step foot inside.

Entice diners with your menu and pictures of appetizing dishes, laughing patrons, or busy chefs preparing meals.

Does a restaurant need a website?

A website lets people know who you are and gives potential customers a feel for your restaurant, menu, and atmosphere.

Your site does not need to be fancy, and it does not have to be expensive but it needs to be informative, interesting, and reflective of your restaurant.

Remember, first impressions count.

What makes a good restaurant website?

 A good restaurant website should be well designed, represent the business brand, and is fully functional to support the customers.

7 Key things that All Restaurant Website Designs Need to Include:

1.Address, Phone Number, & Hours

2.Social Media Profiles


4.Online Ordering


6.Your Story

7.Mobile Compatibility

5 reasons your local restaurant should have a website.

1.To bring in customers.

2.To share hours and menus and take reservations.

3.To establish a local identity.

4.To set yourself apart from others.

5.To create brand awareness.

8 restaurants having the best websites in the USA.

1.       Mighty Taco (

2.      JerkQ’zine Caribbean Grille (

3.      Piccolo Café (

4.      Mississippi Mudds (

5.       Joe’s dairy bar and grill (

6.       Global Taco (

7.     The Cheesychick (

8.      Vivi Bbble tea (


The best restaurant websites have one thing in common; beautiful presentation.

Attractive design with excellent imagery can bring you many customers. Usability is important. But it’s the mouth-watering visuals that make these sites great.

The visual presentation should not distract your visitors from getting key information, however. Your locations, menu items, and opening hours should be easily accessible.

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